Startup Lawnch

Provide the best value-driven solution for startup specific legal problems
Server Side
OneByte empowered Startup Lawnch to provide a platform for individuals to help them make the right decision for themselves and their infant businesses through dedicated legal services ranging from complex patent documentation to mere consultation. This was done by developing a comprehensive web solution that abridges access to legal information for young businesses and startups.


New businesses and startups often have to create legal documents or need legal advice in order to keep up with business compliances or making sure they are protecting their ideas and products from infringement. Often it’s not that easy to get access to such information and services. Startup Lawnch had the vision to eliminate access to legal services for young entrepreneurs and startups

The Challenge Was To

To provide dedicated legal services to the startup industry, the web solution had to be visceral and inclusive of key touchpoints related to startups and young entrepreneurs. Understanding Legal language can be challenging, hence the idea was to simplify the whole process for the end-users and allow users to access legal services through an easy-to-understand platform.


  • CMS for updating information
  • Live Chat Integration