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The First in Video Shopping System

Allow customers to buy products in-stream, without ever having to leave your video. Integrate shopify and youtube or hook up your own platforms. Then use the real-time analytics to optimize the expereince.
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Server Side
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The founders identified a gap in the advertising market: the typical video has no BUY button.
Overall, advertisers in the US spend $4 billion annually on video ads alone, 40% of total marketing spend. The people over at Simustream seemed to think brands should be getting more return on their investment, and so they came up with a simple solution.
Shoppable video software: enabling consumers to buy while they stream - driving instant conversions within the videos.
The real-time platform connects companies across industries, big or small, allowing customers to shop while they watch, without re-directs or pausing. Transactions are made onscreen, and videos become e-commerce - without taking away from the brand or the video content.
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Turn any video into a sales channel

Boost conversions with videos you already own. In a few clicks you can sell your products from inside your video. As customers complete the shopping experience within video, your conversions increase.
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analytics & big data

Analytics & Big Data

Simustream players generate tens of millions of data points each month that we then process and display on users' dashboards. To achieve this, we used Kinesis to handle data packets, S3 to store them, Athena and Lambda to process them, Dynamo to store aggregated results and finally API gateway to make that data accessible to the dashboard.

Product Engineering

We built the web-app using Node and Angular, with Mongo as the database and Redis as a caching layer. The player was built as a Node package that could be installed by clients to integrate with their own players while the system has API hooks customers could use use to integrate their own e-commerce systems.
product engineering
infrastructure engineering

Infrastructure Engineering

We built a robust system that could scale as needed to support tens of thousands of concurrents. We used AWS Auto-Scaling groups with ELBs, Redis using elasti-cache for caching, Lambda for load-intensive calls and sharded Mongo clusters for database scaling. The whole system was thoroughly load-tested and integrated into a CI/CD pipeline.

Payment Integrations

We integrated Stripe for collecting payments and monthly recurring billings. We also integrated with Shopify payments so clients can collect payments from viewers into their Shopify accounts. It was a complicated process that involved building a Shopify sales channel app, a marketplace app in React, complying with stringent Shopify standards and integrating with Stripe Connect.
payment integration