Football Tribe

An app designed to bring football fans together on a single platform to share their views .
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Since polls are a unique way to start conversations and engagements, Football Tribe invites football fans all across the world to join the fun through user-generated polls. It also encourages community building and sharing opinions, and demonstrates what the community thinks about football. Football Tribe is a social media site specifically for football fans and a new way for fans to discuss their opinions about football through questions and answers.


Football Tribe is a new way for football fans to express and share their views about their favorite clubs, leagues, and players through user-generated opinion polls. Designing a survey questionnaire can be a lengthy process and so is encouraging people to participate. Football Tribe is a quick way to get people to exchange opinions with others and also express their views. It is changing the face of football through sharing the collective opinion of fans from across the world.

The Challenge Was To

One of the key challenges was to mix traditional and new style of polling. The team was primarily responsible for developing an app that is customizable and clean through which authenticated users can easily create a poll and ask friends to vote for their ideal football teams. There's strong competition in the mobile app market, almost to the point of saturation, creating an interactive app that gets noticed was a challenging task.


  • Follow the recent developments in your favorite leagues.
  • Watch videos of goals, goal celebrations, fouls, and controversial situations in football Discuss your opinions with other fans.
  • Like or dislike other user’s opinions in the football discussion.
  • Rise on the global leaderboard of the most active fans when other fans vote on your polls.