courting the law

Courting the Law

A technology-driven multi-dimensional law and justice initiative
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courting the law
The task at hand was to create an app that improves access to legal information and consequently to justice. OneByte facilitated Courting the Law to bridge the gap between legal information and justice by providing a comprehensive Q/A platform that enables easy sharing of legal queries while allowing users to explore the legal world.
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Courting the Law is Pakistan’s first Legal News & Analysis Portal which also offers, a case law research website, and, Pakistan’s first verified lawyer search service. OneByte was tasked to create an app that could serve as a question and answer platform for users and supplement it with a daily article feed on legal topics. The client identified the lack of legal knowledge in society and wanted to abridge the legal knowledge gap through technological solutions. There are no simple answers in the law which often intimidates individuals and creates a hindrance in the knowledge sharing process. Top it with lawyers’ fees and tough language, it gets difficult to grasp the law at each step.
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The Challenge Was To

There is a reason why legal knowledge is not that communal. Legal language can be hard to understand as it may have various interpretations. In order to make it clear and approachable, the application had to be simple yet intuitive enough to incorporate the complexity of legal language and provide a compelling user experience. To make search easy within the application, precise tags were required that could help in filtering out results so that users could get to their desired topic effortlessly. This made sure only relevant information came up, instead of a generic pool of legal jargon.


  • Complete User Profile.
  • Post/Answer Questions.
  • Swift Notifications.
  • Up to Date Article Feed.
  • Trending Q/A list.
  • Track My Questions.