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Continuous Improvement is the culture at OneByte. We believe in investing in our employees to help them reach their true potential and excel in their respective fields. In line with this vision, we conduct a Lunch & Learn session every Thursday. The aim of this activity is to enhance the overall skillset of the team and stay up to-date with latest trends and innovations in the fields of technology.

Lunch & Learn sessions are generally conducted by one of the company’s employee sharing the latest news, information, and insights. The sessions are warmly received by the audience as it gives them an opportunity to learn something new or outside of their domain area. At the end of each session, an interactive discussion is held where ideas are shared and everyone provides their feedback. This helps build a culture where each team understands the role of the other team better and the overall company’s processes become more streamlined.

Occasionally we also call in industry veterans as guest speakers to share their experience and knowledge with the whole team. These sessions have been really popular with the employees and generally turn into a Q&A session where employees get to ask their questions from the experts.

The informal setting allows employees to learn in a casual manner for a better chance of understanding and getting the point across while having fun.

Lastly, at the end of each session employees are encouraged to share new startup ideas. If an idea gets selected and management feels there is a real market for it then OneByte offers technical support to the individual to build out their own product.

Sitting together once a week regardless of team, roles, and subdivisions enhance the employee’s communication and develops a strong and stable company culture. This, in turn, leads towards better communication, and improved coordination between different teams and units. This also helps in allowing the new hires to easily gel in with the rest of the team.

Overall, a Lunch & Learn program creates an open channel for training, idea’s discussions, and information flow.

At OneByte, we tend to improve and advance together!

By Fahad Siraj, Head of Business Development @onebytellc

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