Emerging Technologies

We will be an extension of your team; helping you grow and providing support along the way.


  • We have developed customized and end–to-end EdTech Cloud Applications for Educational Firms.
  • AR is shaping the approach to modern education; hence, certain 3d application that we formulated allow learners to interact with 3D models at distributed angles and diversified fields of study.


  • Augmented Reality keeps you in the physical world while it overlays a visionary approach to enhance and transform interaction through fancy wearables and handheld devices. We have helped the medical industry develop niche models — skeletons; visual presentations, virtual tours and modern cloud-verse services.
  • In fully immersive VR domains, we have worked closely with our partners in Oil & Gas to enable risk-free surrounding environments for ground workers.
  • In MR aka Mixed Reality we have developed a system for a Health Tech firm that helps interaction and manipulation of certain Scans i.e. MRI and Dicoms. The underlying hardware utilized for that were smart glasses and Head mounted displays, i.e. Oculus.
block chain

Block Chain

  • One of the most exciting technologies to emerge in the last few years is blockchain. Our expert blockchain developers can help leverage this groundbreaking technology for your business, often in creative ways that can truly set you apart from your digitally-bereft competitors.
  • We provide Enterprise Blockchain solutions using Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, and many other platforms using AWS, Azure, Open Source, and Public/Private Blockchains.