Connecting Turkish Airlines with its agents through a mobile application

Turkish Airlines App was designed to provide a quick and effective response to the inquiries of their partner agencies and detailed information about airlines with a click of a button.

Turkish Airlines always strived for innovation and cutting-edge technology to help the company grow internationally. OneByte designed and developed the app as a step towards innovation.Turkish Airlines realized the lack of coordination between agents and the airline across the globe which was causing constant lags in communication. The idea was to create an application that builds a bridge between Turkish Airlines and its agents and offers a one-stop solution for all the latest promotion, events, schedule and FAQ’s related to the airline.


As the client wanted a comprehensive solution, the application needed to be comprehensive enough of all the existing airline apps.

Developing an engaging application takes much more than just an innovative idea, some of it requires significant effort and thought. One of the key challenges was to design a good user interface that would help drive better engagement for the Turkish Airlines’ app.


After gathering all the information about what our client required. The problem was thoroughly reviewed and understood. We documented functional requirements and set up a priority list to figure out what should be tackled first and to help guide us through the development process.

In a direct response to our clients’ requirements, we built a centralized app for Turkish Airlines that facilitated communication between agents from all over the globe and visibility of real-time updates to all stakeholders was ensured.


Turkish Airlines app lets users:

  • Find information on new destinations
  • Instant access to schedule change details
  • Flight delay and cancellation details
  • View latest promotions, events, gallery
  • FAQs
  • Easy user registration and log-in

Any tool that gives you convenience on the go can be of huge help. With Turkish Airlines application agents can now stay ahead on the move and access all the services they need for their flights related activities.

” OneByte worked well and very fast. The work was completed before the deadline, and the app was handed over to us in a fully-functional state. “
— Hassan Javaid
(Corporate Agreement & Marketing Representative, Turkish Airlines)
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