Dedicated to examining how genuine democracies can develop in the Middle East through dialogue, research and advocacy

Develop a new generation responsive website contributing to content clarity and enhancing user experience

POMED uses the online platform to advocate their voice for the supplementary democratic role of United States in the Middle East and North African nations. The earlier version of their website contained redundancy in terms of content presentation, which made it difficult for the end user to find the relevant information. Partnering with OneByte bolstered POMEDs’ online presence through a compelling and easy to navigate website.


The basic challenge was the Integration of 90,000+ blog posts in to a revamped website and organizing it in a precise presentation that was not only mobile friendly but was also easily searchable to readers. With numerous publication each day and heaps of data, security concerns were of utmost priority at POMED. Without adequate sharing platforms, the information congregated at the clients’ end, meant little or no perceptibility, hence a social network integration with a sharing capability was required.


Through apt communication and systematic consolidation of information, we analyzed the existing website and identified the areas of improvement which were based on the user journey that was hindered by lack of clarity in terms of search results and the visibility of the right content to the right audience. The problems recognized were then translated in to a complete solution that allowed POMED to communicate their vision effectively across the middle east. OneByte delivered a product that not only improved the search engine results but also ensured a secured content base that minimized data breach threats.

  • Social Media Integration
  • Sorting Posts by Map Location
  • PayPal Integration- Donation Bar
  • Sign up for Newsletters
  • Expert Q/A
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Redirects to External Links

With a refurbished website, OneByte helped POMED augment the user flow, making it convenient and effortless to access blog posts and events while advocating for the right of Middle East citizens to get access to the true benefits of democracy.

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