Using technology to map out a hassle-free shopping experience for Packages Mall visitors

Packages Mall apps & kiosks are providing shoppers an efficient way to discover the stores and facilities available inside the Mall.

With more than 2000 parking spots, 200+ brands and 35+ eateries, OneByte partnered with one of the biggest shopping malls of Pakistan to develop a mobile application for the Mall visitors. The app was aimed to provide its users a unique experience that goes well beyond traditional shopping.

During the first phase, packages mall specified the user requirements that the app should be inline with branding, provide an easy navigation through an interactive map feature, highlight brands & dining options available in the Mall, and publish offers and promotions. As customer needs evolve, the app should also be flexible enough to add or remove features.


As thousands of people with different backgrounds visit shopping malls every day, designing an intuitive interface for people with non-technical background was one of the major challenges.

Above everything else, the project was kicked off just a month away from inauguration of the Mall.


First, we conducted an in-depth research to pinpoint the difficulties people face when visiting a new shopping mall. Interestingly, there were many common issues that everyday shoppers faced:

  • Going back and forth between stores
  • No shorter path
  • Most of the times, forget where they parked their cars
  • Couldn’t find the store they were looking for
  • Little knowledge of promotions and social events

After the initial development, we tested the application with a focus group to identify their personal experiences and usability of the app


Promotions & Offers
A mobile app empowers over hundreds of brands to reach the most potential customers by the design of the dynamic dashboard. Every time the customer launches the app; the dashboard shows promotion most popular relevant offers.

Internal Navigation System
In mall map, the shopper can turn on the navigational system, which will then draw a path, the shopper can then follow the route to reach the desired location.

Mall Directory
Packages Mall app keeps a directory of shops in an alphabetical order, and restaurants with information about the location, opening times, events, mall services and contact info.

Instant Search
Instant search icon on the top right corner of the app can always come in handy.

Shop discovery
Visitors can favorite shops in their profile, they like to return later or next on visit.

Mall Services
Includes a complete list of mall services which allows the users to receive customized assistance without any inconvenience or delay and much more.

Packages Mall Application has made shopping experience more enjoyable and enriching for the customers – enabling easier discovery and navigation.This map is also integrated into a kiosk system placed strategically throughout the Packages Mall.
” We selected OneByte among many strong contenders for the Packages Mall Mobile App. It was a decision we made with a lot of faith inspired by their past work and references. At this stage, our app is in a soft launch phase, but we are getting excellent feedback. The team has taken personal interest and responsibility for our app’s success and we really appreciate working with them! “
— Saadia R. Bukhari (Head of Marketing, Packages Mall)
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