Building a reservation and food delivery platform for restaurants and foodies
With Kuks App, users can discover new restaurants, reserve tables, order dine-in & takeaway instantly – anytime, anywhere.

Customers always find it difficult to search for a restaurant in their nearest vicinity. Also, waiting long hours for the food to arrive can be time-consuming and incredibly frustrating. We realized that people want to save time and need the quickest way to get to the restaurant they are looking for.

We developed an app to provide a platform for the community and for the restaurants to connect. Through Kuks, users can place an order in advance using restaurant menu for both takeaway & dine-in and avail discounts.

Nowadays everyone is looking for convenience and with one too many food delivery apps in the market, Kuks needed to stand out in terms of both user design and experience. It’s a huge market with so much competition too and it was one of our main challenges to attract the target audience towards Kuks’ app. Also, to get as many restaurants on board as possible.

Before developing our application we conducted a proper market research. We analyzed and took into account the market requirements. In order to cover all the possible features, we came up with a simple yet intuitive interface and continue to improve it to avoid any cluttering.


With Kuks App, users can:

  • Instantly discover nearby restaurants
  • Reserve tables on the go
  • Order dine-in & takeaway food
  • View restaurant menus
  • Find delicious deals
  • Write and read reviews
  • Earn redeem points, discounts & exclusive foodie vouchers
In today’s’ world, smartphones have impacted the dining habits of people, all the more reason why Kuks is a utility for food-loving generation through its remarkable features. People are looking for the simplest way possible to get the information they’re interested in and Kuk’s app provides them exactly that luxury.
” We are very satisfied with their professionalism, knowledge, advice, level of service, and on-time delivery. For most part, they stayed ahead of schedule and delivered a mobile app that exceeded our expectations. “
— Zukhruf Fida (Co-Founder, Kuks)
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