Cloud-based patient management and clinical decision support tool for pulmonary nodule management

A Mark Cuban funded company that provides a software for Nodule and Lung screening management services used by hospitals all over USA.

Lung cancer claims more lives than Breast, Prostate, and Colon cancer combined. Only 30% of patients diagnosed with pulmonary nodules are treated according to treatment guidelines. Furthermore, high caseloads, fragmented clinical data, and manual patient management lead to sub-optimal patient care and patient mortality.
A self-explanatory and manageable application that allows doctors to optimize nodule screening and provide powerful insights into nodule patients was built.


The challenge was to integrate the software with the already existing EHRs (Electronic Health record) as the usability and ease-of-access to technologies are hindered by the lack of technology integration. Also, to develop an advanced healthcare tool to ensure healthcare delivery. One of the key challenges was moving users to eonDirect and to comprehensively convey to the users that what this software is all about and what features does it have.


The project demanded an effective implementation strategy and a team of experts. As the project involved the development of the website, the team adopted an agile scrum strategy for the best results. Daily communication through slack and management through basecamp ensured smooth and continuous performance and regular monitoring of the project. Furthermore, we gathered as much as possible understanding of the problem of the nodule and solved it with technology.


Through eonDirect hospitals can have complete patient’s background & history of disease including:

  • Patients’ demographics
  • Health Coverage
  • Cancer History
  • Vital Status
  • Comorbidities (Presence of any additional disease)
  • Risk Factors

Through eonDirect dashboard doctors can know the details about:

  • Active patients
  • Inactive patients
  • Complete patients
  • Incomplete patients
  • Patients pending approvals

Hospitals will also be able to keep an efficient record of:

  • Follow-up procedures
  • Post-diagnosis
  • LCSR (Lung cancer screening registry) Submissions

Plus, hospitals can have all the information resulting from systematic analysis of data in dashboards’ analytics feature.


eonDirect is beneficial as it is the only automatic registry software system enabling hospitals to track pulmonary nodule patients from detection through diagnosis.

Additionally, this application facilitates clinicians to optimize patient care and coordination by gathering and analyzing data, not only to self- monitor but to determine whether the hospitals are providing timely and effective care.

” Really amazing team. They are always responsive and add tremendous value to the project. Really looking forward to working with OneByte on future projects! “
— Dr. Akrum Al-Zubaidi
(co-CEO, eon)
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