Developing a premier comic publishing platform for emerging comic artists

CFx comics app is providing a cinematic comic book reading experience designed to immerse the reader in a world of action, drama, and adventure.

CFx comics has been at the forefront of developing unique creative content to address social issues.

Even though comic books have been around for a long time but still, they aren’t competitive enough as compared with other entertainment options that capture a larger market.

As the comic market is limited in scope for independent comic creators to use, the objective was to develop a publishing platform for thriving comic book artists around the world that enables them to publish their content digitally through the app.


The challenge was to make the content available in a way that could be packaged as entertainment, not just for reading but with a whole curated experience including background music and animations. Also, the stories in the app needed to be immersive and cinematic enough that follows the readers into the real world.

We spent a great deal of time trying to understand how to develop a flexible platform with monetization opportunities and revenue generation.


In order to create a uniquely curated comic reading experience that engages with users’ mind we conducted a thorough research on what features our target audience is looking for.

The idea was to give the readers an immersive experience as holding a book. So, after looking at the best comic apps we designed an intuitive interface for the platform.


CfxComics users can:

  • Readers can browse through a catalog of the comic collection in the comic store and download them based on their interests.
  • The guided view provides a cinematic reading experience supplemented by ambient music to captivate readers in the moment.
  • Smart panels take readers through the story panel by panel for the reader to interact with the story as they progress.
  • Smart lists make navigating the library easier than ever.
  • Readers can share a comic with a friend.
Cfx comics app has helped bring a digital version of traditional comics into the spotlight, creating a broad platform for comic creators and readers. This project is first of its kind where a digital platform is being set for the content generation & publication and bringing on a number of artists/creators together on one platform.
” The entire team at OneByte is great to work with, prompt response from the management and good team communication kept us in the loop throughout the whole process. They followed the design guidelines, made fast programming in conformity with requirement’s specifications and delivered the app on time. “
— Yahya Ehsan (Creative Director, Creative Frontiers)
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