Build an application that effectively tracks and manages attendance

A digital employee attendance tracking app that helps organizations make effective decisions and increase productivity

In an age of increasing automation, companies are looking to automate employee attendance and gather meaningful insights during the process. This app does exactly that – Attendance tracking and comprehensive monthly statistics are available at the click of a button. Furthermore, the entire system is user-friendly for frontend and backend users of all tiers.


Security aspect was of utmost importance when it came to developing the app, it had to be iron clad to prevent any sort of abuse or gaming of the system thereby ensuring effective analytics and fairness to all employees. Similarly making an app that minimizes ambiguities, is intuitive, and functions round the clock on a select few password-protected master devices was also uniquely challenging.


The project was kicked off with OneByte highlighting all the key requirements for the app, afterwards a market analysis was carried out. The weaknesses and shortcomings of existing solutions were highlighted. Brainstorming and collaborative sessions with the Product Team were held to ensure that our app was among the most effective in the attendance tracking domain.

  • Accurate time-monitoring system
  • Live time In/Out record keeping
  • Sorting employee attendance data for a detailed analysis
  • Comprehensive monthly attendance reports
  • Create multiple setups for attendance tracking at various branches
OneByte served an important need of any business by devising an effective, convenient and secure attendance monitoring application.