HL7 Interface Implementation Engineer

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Role Summary:

Experience with Hospital Integration Engines (HL7, FHIR, and CCD/CCDA protocols)

  • Deep expertise on SIU and ADT messages and different scenarios for integrating these HL7 messages into Evariant platform
  • Excellent knowledge of software and application design and/or architecture
  • Solid understanding of data streaming architecture in healthcare
  • Experience with real-world healthcare data standards (ICD, HCPCS, LOINC, SNOMED, etc.)


  • Experience working with EPIC, Cerner and other top EMRs on data integration areas
  • Experience with EPIC AppOrchard with provider availability messaging
  • Experience in healthcare data integration with platforms like Salesforce is a big PLUS
  • Understanding of privacy & security (e.g. HIPAA) requirements

Programming knowledge(Required):

  • Produce clean, efficient code based on specification
  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing software
  • Good understanding of operating system concepts and its interaction with custom programs/services
  • Experience with Python, C# and Nodejs
  • Deep programming language knowledge
  • Good understanding of git
  • Core OOPS concepts
  • OOPS Design Patterns / Solid Design Principles

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Support the implementation process with leading the data assessment for potential/newly signed customers.
  • Design, configure, implement and test interfaces for HL7 and Patient Healthcare products.
  • Facilitate data integration discussions and collaboration with customers and implementation teams
  • Develop technical knowledge assets for data integration strategy with health systems and health IT/population health data vendors
  • Act as a subject matter expert related to clinical use of technology and integrations.
  • Conduct comprehensive assessments on health IT vendors and providers’/health system data capabilities
  • Communicate all concepts and guidelines to development team(s) and lead data engineering development across products
  • Analyse data sources and infrastructure capabilities at customers and determine the correct real time and API based data integration techniques
  • Participate in the design of data related operations
  • Review and advise on systems configurations, architecture diagrams, technical specifications, and designs
  • Provide technical guidance and coaching to developers and engineers on healthcare data integration
  • Understand and integrate applicable security protocols
  • Develop
    and improve interface tools, products, and implementation process and services
  • Continuously
    strive to improve the System Integration process by utilizing Six Sigma Tools
    and Methodologies.


  • BS
    Degree in Computer Science or General Business
  • HL7 Certified (Preferred)
  • Experience (Domain Knowledge)
    • Level 2 Certified and/or a minimum of 3+ yrs. interface engine experience.
    • Certified and/or a minimum of 3 years HL7 experience
    • with Clinical and Cardiology Systems products and related workflow
  • Stress Tolerance:
    Need manage high-stress situations. This includes continuing to persevere
    and remaining calm in challenging or frustrating circumstances
  • Dependable:
    Being reliable, responsible, dedicated, committed, and fulfilling obligations
  • Adaptable/Flexible:
    Being open to change (positive or negative) in response to new information,
    different or unexpected circumstances, and/or to work in ambiguous situations
  • High Integrity:
    Accepting and adhering to high ethical, moral, and personal values
    in decisions, communications, actions, and when dealing with others

About Onebytellc:

OneByte offers technological solutions that helps clients transition their businesses from traditional processes to digital solutions. OneByte services cover the complete product journey from Idea Validation till Monetisation stage with key focus on UI/UX design and Development. We work with the purpose to create user-centered products that deliver extraordinary experiences. Some of our key clients include Turkish Airlines, Saudi Investment Bank, Tetra Pak, Expo Mobile among others. We specialize in HIPAA / HITECH compliant solutions for Clinical Practices & Medical Providers.

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