In this age of modern technology, healthcare has experienced a lot of innovations designed specifically to improve the quality of life. As healthcare organizations face unprecedented challenges, innovation is becoming a major concern.

OneByte’s partner eonHealth is helping save lives and has been featured by Amazon as one of the innovative Colorado-based healthcare startup that uses deep learning on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to track disease progression for patients diagnosed with pulmonary nodules in their lungs.

OneByte designed and developed eonDirect which is an online software suite that streamlines the management of pulmonary incidentaloma and lung screening patients. It identifies both incidental and screening patients without disrupting radiology workflow, registers these patients to a dashboard, and allows an end user, who most likely was using a spreadsheet prior, the ability to navigate each patient through the care continuum. This reduces patients lost to follow-up, with the intention to aid in the eventual earlier detection of lung cancer. eonDirect sends out personalized follow-up letters, individually, or in bulk, and even automates time-consuming data submission to the Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR). Using the capital received from Mark Cuban in March 2017, eonhealth has had full focus on increasing the distribution of eonDirect. eonDirect is deployed is more than 20 hospitals till now.

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About Eon: Eon believes that conquering illness and disease requires data, creativity, and an unrelenting focus on Always Learning. Despite recent clinical advancements and available technology, an integrated solution to drive the consistent and efficient detection, diagnosis, and treatment of pulmonary nodules and lung cancer does not exist. eonDirect is the first line of defense in the fight. It registers incidental pulmonary nodules and screening patients to a dashboard and makes a user aware of these patients so they can be followed and treated according to standard clinical care guidelines. The software is developed in accordance with the HIPAA, the health insurance portability and accountability act which sets the privacy and security rules for patient care.

Additionally, this application facilitates clinicians to optimize patient care and coordination by gathering and analyzing data, not only to self- monitor but to determine whether the hospitals are providing timely and effective care. OneByte is really proud of this accomplishment and being featured on Amazon. The entire team’s performance is way beyond our initial expectations.

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