Our Vision Is To...

Deliver high-quality software to our clients & ensure that the projects run smoothly, strategically, and predictably. We’ve been shaping the innovation road-map since our inception, one byte at a time.
People who work in software companies are not really considered or treated as creative individuals bursting with passion and creativity. They are just tools that do a job — do things for clients they never meet, users they never see. They are expected to sit in a corner and work on things that have little impact on the immediate world around them. Clock in. Clock out.
our vision

That’s Not Us.

At OneByte, we want to create a safe haven for those with a glint in their eyes and a fire in their bellies.
safe heaven
we believe

Not Only This, but We Believe In

  • investing
    Investing in employee development and growth
  • rewarding
    Rewarding the best talent that embodies our culture
  • encouraging
    Encouraging independent decision-making
  • fostering
    Fostering a healthy enabling environment

And Champion These Values

Passion and Impact

  • You display an insatiable thirst for knowledge, admit when you don’t know something, and openly ask questions, so you can learn.
  • You absolutely love what you do, and take immense in pride in your work
  • You bustle with optimism and positivity that's infectious.
  • You are never satisfied with average, you always strive for the best version of your work and yourself.
  • You achieve amazing amounts of important work
passion and impact


  • You are polite, kind and empathetic to your colleagues and demonstrate an acute awareness of other people’s feelings.
  • You are collaborative and a team-player, and people around you feel confident in relying on you.
  • You are confident, yet humble, and not prone to show-boating or inflating your achievements or credentials.


  • You are concise and articulate in speech and writing
  • You recognize and appreciate constructive critique and have the courage to self-reflect.
  • You display a high EQ in dealing with difficult situations
  • You provide candid, helpful, timely feedback to colleagues in an empathetic manner.


  • You are proactive and take responsibility.
  • You respect other people’s time — including that of our clients.
  • You question everything that’s inconsistent with our values and take steps to make things right


  • You conceive and champion new initiatives that others can find value in.
  • You thrive on change and exciting new ideas.
  • You find time to question redundant practices, incorrect assumptions and bad ideas, while also suggesting approaches to improve.

Our Awards

pasha ict awards

Top Rated Web Developer Top Rated Mobile App Developer


Best Mobile App Developer — 2015


100% Job Success Rate 5000+ hours

Team Augmentation

We will be an extension of your development team, augmenting your team by over 50 product designers, front/backend developers, architects, and DevOps.

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office environment
office environment

Life at OneByte is about sharing knowledge, skill-sets & aspirations.

office environment
office environment

Life at Onebyte is about sharing knowledge, happiness & dreams.

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